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– “I threw my iPod against the wall.  Are you happy? Is that the goal of this game?” – Terry

– “Why is the game so hard? Am I in hell?” – Saira

– “It took me 5 tries to jump the first obstacle.  Is this for real?” – Mike

– “I quit. FInd a new beta tester you devils!”  – M.C.


Is your school #1 ?

1st grade VS. 10th grade VS. college… All Schools versus each other!

The most addictive retro style Multiplayer racing game is finally on the app store.

Do you and your classmates have what it takes to get your school ranked #1 in the world?


Select your school
Start the Race
Tap Left to jump
Tap Right to Slide
Focus… A LOT!

Play others in multiplayer and earn points to help your school climb the charts. Recruit your friends!

***You must be signed into GameCenter to play Multiplayer***

Bring your reflexes with you though as the gameplay is fast, very fast. Only those with the best hand-eye coordination will have what it takes to reach #1.

The more games you play and points you earn, the higher your school will rank.

So just select your school and start competing to bring your school to the top.

The race has begun! Get in by downloading this game now!

Which school will be #1 ?  Get your friends to help you make YOUR school #1.

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