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Bang Bullets

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Howdy Friends!  It’s time to play Bang Bullets.  An amazing, free Wild West adventure game to bring out your inner cowboy to test your hand-eye-coordination, and shooting abilities.

Gameplay Lowdown:

1. You’ll see a sequence of numbers.  Then you will see bad guys holding the same numbers.

2. To shoot the bad guys, you tap the screen in the sequence shown.

3.  If you are successful,  you move to the next level with new numbers and bad guys to blast, shoot, and kill.

4. As you progress, the bad guys and numbers increase, and innocent bystanders are thrown in the mix, don’t shoot them or it’s instant game over.

5. You have 25 seconds to complete each game.  Finish in time and round up 2-3 seconds added to the clock. Yehaw!

TIP:  Once you draw your gun, pull the trigger and start shooting, you have 6 shots till you must reload.  Reload by tapping your gun in bottom left hand corner.


Pop goes the Weaselly Wise guys in this awesome fighting, shooting, action game where you call the shots!  Tell your friends about Bang Bullets and let the whole gang in on the fun!

The day of Reckoning is here  to Download  Bang Bullets


Blast your blues to Smithereens!

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